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INMATECH joins INMEX 2014 and organizes technology maritime seminar named DIGITAL SHIP

INMEX Vietnam has established itself as the trademark maritime event in the region for the industry players and leading brands to showcase their latest marine products, services, technology and marine equipment. It helps players connect with over thousand maritime professionals. That’s the reason why INMATECH joins INMEX.  

We bring to the exhibition the superior products of well-known brands::

- Simrad (marine electronic equipment) - USA,

- Wesmar (Sonar fish-finder) – USA,

- Pact Marine (Ballast water management system) – China,

- Ascenz (Fuel management systems) - Singapore,

- Wideye & Satcom Global (satellite communication solutions) - Singapore,

- UKHO (charts and publications in both paper and digital version) - UK,

- Kongsberg (Simulator and navigation systems) – Norway,

- PC-Maritime (ECDIS and other navigation products) - UK,

- TGT e-Data (charts and publications management solutions) – Singapore.

In addition, in order to provide customers useful and detail information on their current demands related to many maritime trend such as: satellite communication solutions, fuel management solutions, ballast water management solutions and digital navigation products, we will hold a seminar named “Digital ship”. The multi-years professional consultants from Pact Marine, Wideye, Ascenz, UKHO will supply many useful information about above topic and answer all questions from audiences and customers. The seminar will take place at 11:00 – 12:15am on 31 March, 2017 in N15 conference hall of INMEX. We welcome not only our current customers but also INMEX visitors to come, hear and make questions to our experts.

Alongside that, in addition to the purpose of showcase our products and services, INMATECH joins INMEX with the desire to exchange and learn from international friends to further improve our service capacity, help us satisfy all needs in marine products and services of our customers and maritime enterprises in Vietnam and region.