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Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC)


Electronic navigational charts, which use computer software and electronic databases to provide navigation information, can replace paper charts, in some cases...”

( National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2012)


Electronic Navigation charts (ENC) is a form of vector charts that include all information digital standard structure databases, content which meet S57 standard of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). It is produced and published by National Hydrographic Organization. Electronic navigation charts contain not only necessary informations but also additional detail (compared to paper nautical chart) to enhance maritime safety operators and allow mariners control their ship conveniently. All of those information and maps are displayed on a computer screen.

There are two types of electronic chart: raster charts and vector charts

1>  Raster chart of Admiralty

ARCS - Raster charts are exact digital copies of the world-leading BA paper charts. All ARCS charts have the same familiar appearance and use the same internationally recognised symbology as the Admiralty paper chart series. This familiarity, combined with accurate satellite positioning in an ECS or ECDIS navigation system, improves situational awareness and helps crews to understand critical information at moments of peak workload and pressure. And this brings confidence and calm to the bridge.

2> Vector chart of Admiralty

Admiralty Vector Chart System (AVCS) is the most comprehensive, official, digital maritime chart service in the world; with over 12,500 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from hydrographic offices around the world, packaged and quality assured by the UKHO into a single value-added service. Using AVCS, customers will be always satisfied with their safe maritime operations.


Inmatech Corporation are now UKHO digital distributor with non-stop ability supply eletronic products from Admiralty includes AVCS and ARCS.

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