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Nautical Charts

Nautical charts are not only essential tools for marine navigation but also one of the required publications according to SOLAS – “Safe of life at see”. Depending on the scale of the chart, it may show depths of water and heights of land (topographic map), natural features of the seabed, details of the coastline, navigational hazards, locations of natural and human-made aids to navigation, information on tides and currents, local details of the Earth's magnetic field, and human-made structures such as harbours, buildings and bridges.

The nautical charts are printed on large sheets of paper at the variety of scale. We recommend you some of prestige supplier of nautical charts:

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British Admiralty Charts

Admiralty standard nautical charts comply with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations and are ideal for professional, commercial and recreational use. Charts within the series consist of a range of scales, useful for passage planning, ocean crossings, coastal navigation and entering port. 

Mariners should always use the largest scale nautical chart appropriate to their needs. In particularly busy seaways such as the English Channel, Gulf of Suez and the Malacca and Singapore Straits, the standard nautical charts are supplemented by mariners' routeing guides which provide advice on route planning in these complex areas.

Australian charts

The Australian charts are produced by the Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS). The Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) is Australia's national hydrographic authority and the Commonwealth Government agency responsible for the publication of official nautical charts and other information required for the safety of ships navigating in Australian waters. It publishes Australia's official paper and electronic navigation charts and publications comply with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.

American charts (NOAA)

American charts are produced by The Office Coast Survey – OCS. OCS is a part of NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA provides navigation products and services that ensure safe and efficient maritime commerce on America’s oceans and coastal waters, and in the Great Lakes.

Japanese charts

Japanese official paper charts are published by the Japan Coast Guard (JCG). Japanese Charts are built primarily on the Mercator projection.

Vietnamese charts

Vietnamese nautical charts published by Vietnam people’s navy. Vietnam Charts are based on the old measurement data which is updated by Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation.