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VOYAGER - onboard navigation software solution

VOYAGER is an onboard navigation software solution. It improves navigational efficiency by providing faster access to the navigational information vessels need and enabling them manage it more effectively. And it also detects potential navigation compliance issues and downloads chart and publication updates directly to vessels to help protect against observations and deficiencies.
Reliable, resilient and easy to deploy, install and use VOYAGER is a very efficient solution for managing navigational data and compliance onboard.
VOYAGER works with other market leading software like Meteo Group SPOS, Applied Weather Technologies Bon Voyage weather routing and A2BviaC distance tables to enable improved route planning and fuel efficiency. And its fully compatible with all major ECDIS.
VOYAGER is designed, developed and supported by experienced mariners for mariners. It is completely modular and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual shipping companies. You choose how you use VOYAGER to navigate your way.
A better way to get to where you’re going
Because Voyager is designed by mariners for mariners, it’s the easier way to manage navigational information and compliance. With all your tasks on one page and our most intuitive interface yet, no other navigation management software is as simple to use or as efficient.
Designed to be easy to use
Everything in Voyager been streamlined and simplified. You can plan routes, manage your chart inventory, get updates and a whole host of other everyday (and not so every day) tasks. All in just a few clicks.
Software that works for you
Voyager reminds you when you need to update your charts and publications and works with you to plan the most fuel efficient route making navigation compliance, ordering and route planning more intuitive and more efficient than ever before.
Peace of mind as standard
Voyager onboard software also works with our web based Voyager Management Service (VMS) to give shore based teams full visibility of vessel inventories and correction logs and help you ensure the fleet is compliant and ready for inspection at all times. Giving you one less thing to think about.
Shipping isn’t 9am to 5pm, and neither are we.
Because you operate globally 24/7, so do we. Our strategically-located customer service and support centres provide the help you and your vessels need no matter where you are in the world. 24/7/356.
Free software for your training centre
As a Voyager customer, you’ll also benefit from free copies of Voyager software for your training academies to familiarise officers and train cadets with the very latest planning software applications and professional navigation practices.
It’s easy to get started with Voyager
Voyager Essentials
If you want to manage your inventory, view our product catalogue, plan routes and view ENCs and AIO, Voyager Essentials will help you to achieve all of that and more.
Voyager Updating Packages
Voyager Updating packages do everything that Essentials offers plus they enable you keep navigational products up-to-date. Choose from paper only, paper and digital, paperless and AVCS ENC-only options.
Added Value Applications
If you’re looking to improve your efficiency even further, we’ve teamed up with expert providers of weather routing, distance tables, US waters specific titles, piracy and port information to help you optimise your voyage. Just choose the applications that you want and need and get started.
Voyager Essentials 
Product catalogue, Inventory Manager, Route Planner, ENC and AIO viewer, Voyager Instant Permit and link to VMS ashore. 
Updating packages 
AVCS ENC only 
Paper only – including Admiralty NtMs, Tracings, Navarea Warnings and the Annual Summary and Cumulative NtMs. 
Paper and digital – the updates you need to sail with a mix of paper and digital charts and publications. Includes Admiralty NtMs and Tracings, ENC and ADP updates and Navarea Warnings
“Paperless” – for those vessels navigating with ENCs but still carrying small numbers of paper charts or publications on board. Includes ENC and ADP updates plus Admiralty NtMs and Navarea Warnings